believe that every woman should have photographs of herself that make her feel beautiful. I believe that women, fully embracing 
and loving themselves will heal humanity & bring much needed connection and love to the  world.





   I began as a make up artist. In my attempt to get the perfect beauty shot I picked up the camera myself and never looked back. 
   Over the years I have explored all genre's of my craft, but I always come back to my first love, women. 
    I intimately know the pressure we have to look "perfect" all the time and I know that having images to prove that you are in fact really beautiful and perfect just the way you are can be just the affirmation you need. Plus, it's FUN!
       Every woman can look like she just stepped out of a magazine. Every woman desreves to feel that in awe of herself.  Feeling beautiful, feeling self love, is a gateway to abundance! I am here to help you get there!
           I am passionate about personal growth, healing & finding your true north. 


"What are the 2 most important qualities you are looking for when you hire someone to capture your life’s most precious memories? Professional & Creative. Kristin exemplifies these traits."

“Stop searching and call Kristin!"

“To say that I am extremely satisfied would be an understatement. Kristin gave me the photos of a lifetime. She has a true gift & I feel so blessed to have had her take my wedding photos. I was blown away with her ability."

"Pure, positive & light energy which made everyone feel at ease."

"She is very talented and knows exactly how to bring out your natural beauty. I had a ton of fun with her, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for the perfect photos."

Kristin is wonderful to work with!

"Not only are her photos beautiful, but she is so much fun to be around and makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. She goes above and beyond to get the perfect shot!"

You can tell she really cares about pleasing her clients!

"To say that I am extremely satisfied with my wedding photos would be an understatement. Kristin Anderson gave me the photos of a lifetime."

I was blown away with her ability to capture the perfect moment!

 "In one day, I have enough pix to last over a year! Headshots? Yes. Kid's birthday parties? Yes. Take her on your family vacation so you can focus on the bliss and she can capture it?? Yes, yes, yes! You'll love her and re-hire her again. and again!"

 Kristin has more energy than a team of photographers!

"She is a wonderful person to be around and it felt like I had a friend at my wedding. She went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy." 

"Kristin is so talented, creative and has an amazing eye"

"10 or more. She's amazing. We love her eye for composition and color and did I mention she's so fun and relaxed? I could not recommend anyone more highly.”

"There should be a special amount of stars for Kristin!"

"Wow...fantastic, beautiful, photographs that match the personality of this great artist. There are not enough wonderful things to say about Kristin."

" Joyful to work with!"

There isn't a photographer I have met yet that has this type of energy and heart for others. It's contagious! She's easy to work with and incredibly talented. Love her craft!

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