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Jenny Hollis

July 30, 2012

Jenny Hollis is a surfer and an excellent graphic designer. She helped with my logo and I love it. When I headed over to her place for our shoot, I was expecting to find one surfboard… not a quiver! (I was calling her boards a “collection”, but its a “quiver” in super rad surfer lingo) I didn’t get a pic of all of them together, but I did take about 20 pictures of the stunning lavender colored one, that she is selling, btw, if you’re interested… JH also has a ton of bikinis to choose from at any given moment, and would love if you put one on too! We had a few beers, some fries, let the kid run around the yard, and went with the flow. I think we got some of the best shots! Happy days!
JH is RAD!


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  1. Lorraine Anderson

    August 4th, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    I’d like to see all her surf boards photographed in a row. While visiting in Maui, there’s a house that has a famous fence made of surf boards. It is truly amazing; however they didn’t have any that were femine pastel colors. Nice.

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