Abigail Thomas

This post is WAY overdue!
Abigail is a model, actress and a singer! And boy can she sing!
She was belting it out during our shoot together. Such a pleasure.KRAPhoto_headshot-2 KRAPhoto_headshot-3 KRAPhoto_headshot-4 KRAPhoto_headshot-5 KRAPhoto_headshot-6 KRAPhoto_headshot-7 KRAPhoto_headshot-8 KRAPhoto_headshot-9 KRAPhoto_headshot-10 KRAPhoto_headshot-11 KRAPhoto_headshot-12 KRAPhoto_headshot-13 KRAPhoto_headshot-14 KRAPhoto_headshot-15 KRAPhoto_headshot-16 KRAPhoto_headshot-17 KRAPhoto_headshot-18 KRAPhoto_headshot-19 KRAPhoto_headshot-20 KRAPhoto_headshot-21 KRAPhoto_headshot-22 KRAPhoto_headshot-23 KRAPhoto_headshot

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