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The Hadix Family

April 10, 2013

With a little toddler running around, its always fun trying to catch moments of them looking into the lens. I just got myself a buddy to help out with that actually…. look here! As it turns out, I got a shot of everyone looking at the camera… even baby boy! Score! I mean really, how often does THAT happen! Meet Kristi, Craig, Jadyn, Sophia, and their newest member  Gavin ….and a couple of ducks.
Here are some of my favorites…HadixFamily-1047 HadixFamily-1049-Edit
HadixFamily-2026 HadixFamily-2042 HadixFamily-2046 HadixFamily-2057 HadixFamily-2061 HadixFamily-2067 HadixFamily-2078-2 HadixFamily-2103 HadixFamily-2114 HadixFamily-2142 HadixFamily-2152 HadixFamily-2153 HadixFamily-2165 HadixFamily-2179 HadixFamily-2206 HadixFamily-2217 HadixFamily-2239 HadixFamily-2266 HadixFamily-2267

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