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Daily Organics creator Renee Gunter

January 11, 2014

I met Renee in the parking lot of a lovely garden shop on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles a few years ago. I was admiring her look and the look of her truck Rosco. She dresses earthy and with ease and style and her truck is stylish too. I’d say we were drawn to each other, attracted, destined to meet. We had a nice long chat in the parking lot. By “long” I mean, over an hour for sure. We had lots to say. We see eye to eye. I didn’t see her again for a long, long time. Then the universe set our paths crossing again.
I photographed Renee in her home last year. She made me some fresh squeezed orange juice. Showed me around her beautifully curated craftsman home. Reminiscing on a variety of collectibles and collections from eras past. I’ve been sitting on these images waiting for the right time to launch a new project with them. Then it dawned on me that this new project is actually my one and only project, one I’ve been doing for years. I photograph people and share their visual story. I love these images. Each and every one. They make me feel good. Breath a bit deeper.
At the time these images were created, Daily Organics was not yet a thought. What was a thought, was how to serve and give back, how to make a living and at the same time make the world a better place. This is a great question to ask oneself in todays fast fix consumerism society. It takes courage to step out of the heard and create something new and needed. Simple, resourceful, respectful, natural, useful, pleasant, easy, feel good, nostalgic….. Old School.
Renee  has done just that with DO!. She has courage and then some. She has courage to share. Don’t believe me? Go meet her for yourself at her pop up DO! organic produce stand. You will leave with good food and good inspiration to start living your best life now.  She inspired me to start baking my own bread! (check my instagram;)) She has that effect on people.
Thank you Renee for giving, growing and loving life!
P.S. I’ve gotta get you in the studio for a “pretty” portrait!
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  1. Nancy de Mond

    January 12th, 2014 at 2:33 am

    another cool person to know. thanx Suzanne and Nico. God, I wish I lived Portland NOW instead of THEN. Renee I majored in Natural Resources, Horticulture, a Master Gardener…we should have some crazy (good) discussions. Love all yr pix. Nan in Brookings (last right turn B4 The Pacific…)

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