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Perfect Love

January 23, 2014

Self Love. Self Approval. Self Respect. Self Acceptance. Self Reliance. Self Esteem.
As Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, I am dreaming of the perfect love, and recalling a beautiful woman I photographed and the amazing thank you letter I received from her husband. In it he described how his wife never believed that she was beautiful and how he tried every which way to convince her. He decided to get her a photo shoot.
When she arrived at my studio she was very nervous and self deprecating. She brought a bottle of wine to help herself relax and a bunch of fun clothing. We hung out, did some make up, had some wine, took some photos, laughed and played dress up and she left feeling a bit less inhibited. A week later she saw her images. She couldn’t believe that the stunning, sexy woman in the pictures was her!
The beautiful images that we created together that day changed her life. They accomplished in one fun afternoon what her husband had tried to do for years… convince her. She finally saw herself the way he saw her. Beautiful, delicate, feminine, sexy and worthy of great love and admiration. Her self esteem went through the roof!
Sometimes an image CAN change a life!!
This Valentines day, love yourself first.
You are perfectly beautiful right now.
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