Art of Retouching

It used to be that the film I chose gave me a certain look and along with my camera settings, this became my style. Now, with digital, my style is in the retouching and post production. Raw images from your camera have every possible style you can think of contained in them and the photographer, the artist, (me) reveals their vision in the processing and mastering of all that information.
Many people just want their images to download or “on a disk” and they are missing the point of hiring a professional. Professional photographers have a unique vision and style that is processed into the images in post/retouching. Getting your images without this process is basically getting negatives. They’re  not very beautiful, or useful.
Here are a few examples of the mastering of a digital file in Photoshop and Lightroom, before and after!
Here is an engagement session at Walt Disney Concert Hall. I like the wide-angle effect so I left it alone in this one.
Here is an engagement shoot at LACMA at twilight.
Here are bridal portraits at Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach. The top image has the horizon adjusted as well as bringing in the beauty of the sunset while also bringing up our couple so that they’re not completely in shadow.
The lower image has beauty retouching as well as an overall exposure and contrast adjustment and dodge and burn for highlights on the bride as well as the flowers.
And a few at the LA Arboretum. The top image is a subtle adjustment that makes a huge impact. The lower image has a color temperature adjustment as well as retouching on the dress straps and some dodge and burn on their faces and hair to bring out highlights.
LosAngeles_Engagement_Photograper_0119LosAngeles_Engagement_Photograper_0118Here are the bridesmaids inside the Bridal Suite. A color temperature adjustment was used to bring back the actual color of the dresses and the skin tone.
And here is a color change example. She was actually shot in pink and was retouched and changed into an orange top! So cool. LosAngeles_Engagement_Photograper_0121
Each before and after set of images here shows that while raw data is nice, a mastered image gives a whole lot more punch and feeling!
As both a photographer & retoucher and a lover of images that give me a good feeling, I say go for the gold! Have your professional photographer do what they do best. That’s why you hire one.
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