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I Love Doing
I come from a family of people who can not sit still. We get antsy fast. We need to be doing, learning, discovering & growing. Whenever I get stuck, I just keep going, keep doing, keep working. There is always light at the end of the tunnel!
Where I Began
Once upon a time…. I started in the image making business on the other side of the camera, as a model and actress. I did much better as a commercial actress than a model and I have a few nationals under my belt. Yes, I am SAG. So I began doing makeup for other actresses and models on the side and then started working in the fashion world. During this time I also became a manicurist. There were so few free-lance manicurists at that time that I quickly rose to the top in that arena, working for every top magazine you can think of, on exotic locations around the world. That was years ago.
It was around that time that I began shooting models for my own make up portfolio. I did the hair, make up, manicure, styling… and then I shot it too! That was in the early 90’s in New York. I had a Nikon F3 35mm film camera with a 5mm 1.2 lens.  I still use it sometimes for my boy Pierce:).


Pierce at Lake Balboa Park CA 2016. ~ Nikon F3, 50mm 1.2  Kodak Portra 400

Doing hours of make up for fashion photographers, never got me a great beauty shot. That inspired me to take my own beauty shots! Real tight shots of eyes and faces. The first think I learned when I shot for myself for the first time, was that I wanted the make up very clean and natural. I was doing all this crazy make up for the other photographers but I wanted clean, real, natural make up which as it turns out is the most difficult. Skin perfection! That’s really all I want! Even now.
Investing in Myself
I came to photography with an innate sense of posing, having been a ballet dancer, model and actress. Even so, I have taken plenty of posing classes at this point in my career. I continually take classes each and every year to learn more about every aspect of photography, art, retouching, video production and more. I continually invest time and money in my craft.  I love learning!
I have worked on so many kinds of productions, from products and image stacking jewelry, to nature, macro, fine art, to pixel by pixel beauty retouching to head swapping and body shaping, color rotation, fashion, advertising, kids, lifestyle, catalog, look books, stock photography, births, weddings, families, and even a funeral! Whew! Every experience teaches me more.


When I moved to LA I was shooting “fashion”. Waify models with stern glam looks, wearing the latest artsy fashions, and while I love art, I was getting bored. I wanted something REAL somthing not forced or planned or contrived. I wanted to FEEL something from my subjects. That’s when Picasso lent me some advice from beyond…. “Inspiration will find you, but It had to find you working.” ~Picaso

So I booked every model available, men & women, young & old, I had them wear what they loved and come and sit for me. We chatted and drank tea, wine, coffee, whatever they wanted. The images we created were beyond what I had dreamed of. They were authentic and filled with truth. I was again in love with my art. With my people!
Wedding, portrait or catalog shoot, I love photographing people looking happy and joyful, or having truthful emotions, like I just happened to catch them at the right moment by accident. Sometimes that is no accident. Wink;)
My Equipment
Many people ask me this so I will just lay it all out here. Here is a partial list of products I work with:  Canon MarkIV body, Canon 600 EX-RT Speed lights  x2, Canon L series 50mm 1.2, Canon L series 70-200mm 2.8, Canon L series 16-35mm 2.8, Cannon L series 100mm macro 2.8, Sandisk, Photoshop, Lightroom, In Design, Wacom, Alien Bees, Photek, Mathews, Manfroto, Animoto, iMovie, Fundy, Showit, Instaproof, Blogstomp, WordPress.

I’m sure there is more that I am not thinking of, I’ll add as I recall!

I sincerely hope our paths do cross one day, then I meet you with all these years of knowledge and we will experience a slice of life together.
Stay Enchanted,

Some of my Clients Include

Flight Path Museum, El Segundo Schools, Lola Getts, About Space, TPF Toys, Matisse Footwear, Kristin Dorsey Designs, 23rd Street Jewelers, Morgan’s Jewelers, Southbay Magazine, Ventura Blvd Magazine, Esquire, Actors, Actresses, Real Estate Brokers, Brides, Families, Men & Women

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