Los Angeles Arboretum & Botanic Gardens Wedding : Morgan & Bryce Devenport

Here is a love scene for you!

Morgan is a natural beauty with long blonde hair and large ocean blue eyes. Sweet and cautious, yet adventurous. She has just moved to LA this week from upstate NY and is staying with her grandmother. She knows no one here. All her friends and all other family members are back east.
Bryce is a born and bred Californian. A veteran employee at In ‘n Out,  he is at level 5 out of 7 in ranking. He clearly knows what he wants and goes after it!
Morgan drives up to In-N-Out Burger for the first time in her life. Window up, air conditioning on. Bryce approaches her car window to take her order.

BRYCE:       “Welcome to In ‘n ‘Out Burger. What can I get for you?”

Morgan is startled. Wondering why this guy is coming up to her window, she rolls it down to hear what he is saying.

BRYCE :      “Hi! What can I get for you?”

MORGAN :        “Oh! I didn’t know you were gonna take my order! I’ll have the number        one please. Thank you!”

BRYCE :       “You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.”

And she does. She may actually have the most beautiful eyes in existence.
Bryce moves on the the next vehicle, but quickly returns to Morgan.
BRYCE:       “ I don’t have my phone on me, company policy, but would you take my number and call me at 5 when I get off from work?”
Morgan did call at 5 and Bryce took her out with his friends. The rest, as they say, “It’s a wrap!”

(Ok, so most of that is a true story! Except for the exact words they said, cuz, well, I wasn’t there! :):) )
Seven years & many adventures later, they officially tied the knot at the LA Arboretum where they frequently walk together taking in all the beauty.
Morgan and Bryce love animals and nature and it was clear that animals love them too when wild peacocks graced their reception so perfectly placed that guest wondered if they were hired. They were not hired! They were just attracted to the love 🙂
Morgan was completely stunning, like a real life princess and Bryce was smiling from ear to ear. Surrounded by all their loved ones this was clearly the most magical day of their lives and one of the most beautiful weddings..

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