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3 Essentials for A Beautiful Wedding Experience

August 8, 2017

Good morning!
I have thrown, over the years, some amazing parties. Some had 300 people, some had 4. I threw a weekly dinner party for 10. A drop in champagne and strawberry party on the regular, just so I could show off my fancy shoes.  Some parties were off the charts amazing and some were backyard fabulous but whichever way you lean you can apply these three things to your wedding planning!
1. Make it personal
One couple I know used their Grandmother’s old family recipe handmade chocolates that for their wedding favors. One bride handed over her mother’s super amazing carrot cake recipe to the cake maker, how great is that! If you really don’t even like cake (who doesn’t like cake?!?!) skip the cake all together and have a gelato bar. The word really is your oyster and the more personal you make it the more memorable it will be.
I fully believe in the energy of objects and having a locket with the pictures of loved ones who could not be there with you pinned to your dress or wrapped in your bouquet is a wonderful way to have them with you in spirit. One bride I know had a few small objects representing family members sewn into the skirt of her dress.
One beautiful couple put up framed picture of their adventures from the time they had met. Not one or two, but like 30! It was really fun getting to know them more through their pictures and it made the venue super homey to have all the frames sitting around. Very personal!
You may need to think on this awhile to find what is personal for the two of you, but it will make your wedding stand out and last in the minds of your guests.
2. Take time to connect with your fiancé.
Plan to be present! This is your fairy tale day. Don’t miss it!!! Be present. Take a deep breath and take it all in. When it’s all said and done, eaten and danced and spun out, you will have your memories, be present & make great ones. I can’t say it enough, it goes by really fast, so be present!
A first look is kinda nice;) You have your own little private moment before it all starts! And, if you really don’t want to look, you don’t have to look! One couple chose to hold hands and read a prayer together, but not actually look at each other. They were separated by the corner of the garden building.  Super sweet! And they preserved the walking down the aisle surprise!
That said, I have an add-on here…
3. Hire a wedding planner!
Delegate and let it go! Tie up all the loose end at least a week before so you can be free on your day. Plan ahead for freedom, use a planner. They can allow you the ability to be present. You do not want all your vendors coming to you asking questions on your wedding day, not even your wedding week! Do it. You’ll be thankful you did.
Dang! I have one more….
4. Get gorgeous natural light photos!
Glow! Sparkle! Illuminate! Yes!!!  Check that sunset time and plan accordingly! Light is everything! Call your photographer and discuss it with them. This is important to ensure you get the look you want! Your photos are the one thing that will last forever, aside from your love,  so this really should be number one on the list!
I hope you get a tiny tidbit here that is helpful to you as you plan your new adventure together!
Happy Planning and
Stay Enchanted,

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