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September 16, 2017

Nothing is quite as surreal as watching real transformation before your very eyes. Nature is everything. Fascinating. Beautiful. Unreal. Science, but not fiction. Beyond amazing. Powerful. Pure creation. Truly stunning.
One of my favorite subjects to make images of. Mother nature, you rule!
We have a love for these little caterpillars who fight to become butterflies. They fight all sorts of other critters who want to make them hosts for their own eggs. So we create a “safe” environment in our kitchen! Our kitchen table is taken over right now with 7 caterpillars who are very, very hungry! This butterfly is the first to transform, the others will be getting ready to form their chrysalis in a few days. Then over the course of a few weeks, will liquefy and re-structure as a butterfly. SAY WHAAA?!?!
It’s real people. Nature is awesome.
This stage always makes me wonder in amazement at how there can be specks of gold on this creature’s case. Like gold leaf. 2017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-5275
I was so excited to finally possibly get to see the emergence, but I walked away for a minute. 2017_9_14_Butterfly-5953
When I came back… I missed it yet again!!! Next time I won’t even blink.
Over the next 10- 15 minutes, the butterfly’s wings filled and grew as she/he hung there on the empty clear chrysalis. You could see the expansion happening right before your eyes. So cool. 2017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-60072017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-60392017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-60542017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-60842017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-6089The wings are made of what almost looks like pixels of colored feathers. 2017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-61042017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-61062017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-6123
Ready for take off. Butterfly was gently walked to the garden and immediately began to sip the milkweed flowers 🙂
Bon Voyage Butterfly!! 2017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-6130
UPDATE!!! This morning, 9/16 after getting a new plant for the remaining 6 caterpillars, two more are read to transform!

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