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Orange Grove, Southern California Backyard Wedding : Isabel & Terry

September 28, 2017

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Isabel and Terry finally got married, in an orange grove. It was clear theirs was a love that had been time tested as images that spanned decades hung around the yard. The sun was golden, birds were singing and smiles and love were everywhere.  Here is their story as told by Isabel.

“Every love story is sweet, but ours is my favorite……….

Terry and I first met in spring of 1978. At the time we were “base kids” living in Wire Mountain III, in Oceanside, California.  There on the South Mesa baseball fields, Terry and I would first cross paths.   He was 15 years old and I was 13. He was the star baseball player and I??? Well……I was the benchwarmer. Growing up in the same neighborhood, hanging out with the same group of kids, we became friends.  For a time, we walked home together after school.  Often goofing around and making each other laugh, Terry remembers us giving each other piggy back rides.  During this time, I developed a secret crush on my blue eyed friend and would often pray to Jesus and ask him to let Terry Hedrick ‘love’ me.  

Terry and I had one date in high school.  The fall Sadie Hawkins dance in 1980.  While memories of that night have faded over the years, we both clearly remember one thing. At the end of the evening he walked me to my front door and there, on the porch of 110 Monserrate Street he kissed me!!!! I wish I could say that was the beginning for us, but it was not to be, just yet.  As life often does, we went in different directions and landed on separate paths.   But the memories of each other and our special friendship would remain close to our hearts.  Over the next three decades, Terry and I would bump into each other.  Each time, there was always something there.  For both of us.  A feeling.  Something special. Something hard to explain.

Then with the advent of Facebook, came a new avenue for communication between us.  Terry later shared with me that his first Facebook friend request was sent to me.  Coincidence?  Still, it would be years before he and I would reconnect.  Then on December 31, 2014 he saw my name on the invite list for a New Year’s Eve party and private messaged me on Facebook.  And THAT is when it began……AGAIN.    

Our renewed friendship took off from the first hello.  We started texting and talking on the phone every day.  I remember one of our very first phone conversations lasted eight continuous hours.  Since I lived in Simi Valley and Terry still lived in Oceanside seeing each other in person was limited to my infrequent trips to Oceanside to visit friends and family.  While still hanging out in the “friend zone”, we started spending more and more time together.  It was on one of my visits to Oceanside, nine months after that spontaneous FB message and 36 years after that night on my front porch, he kissed me again!!!! 

Dating Terry has been one adventure after another.  It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with him.  While I am pretty sure that I fell first, he will argue that he said “it” first.  Which is true.  As we grew closer, we started having conversations about our future.  One night Terry asked me, “Where do you see this going”?  It was then that I scribbled on a napkin, Isabel Hedrick.

I am often asked about how Terry proposed marriage.  Well the truth is…….he didn’t.  In fact, our decision to get married occurred over several discussions. He didn’t ask, I didn’t accept –but together we agreed that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and we wanted the rest of our lives to start now.  So this past Christmas, Terry shared our intentions with my sons and showed them the engagement ring that I was anxious to wear.   Shortly thereafter wedding plans ensued.  And that is how it happened.  Today, Terry and I enjoy spending time with each other and planning our celebration.  Over these past years he and I have racked up thousands of miles on our cars, driving the 130 mile distance between door to door each weekend.  You know you are in LOVE when you’re willing to get on the 405 freeway at 5:00 p.m. on a Friday evening!!!!  We are so excited to start our new lives together as husband and wife.  And even exciting is the prospect of sharing the beginning of our new lives with those we love the most. 

While Jesus may not have responded in my desired time frame, finally my prayers have been answered.” ~ Isabel
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Here’s to your Happily ever After!

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