Beverly Hills Wedding | Valerie & Michael Lange

It certainly is wonderful to find your love, whenever in life that happens. For Valerie and Michael, the time is now.  Valerie mentioned that she wanted to have a party at their home and surprise the guests by getting married in the middle of it! The vibe was relaxed with a fun twist.
Valerie and Michael had a few things up their sleeves for their guests! First, they made a “How we Met” video in the style of “When Harry Met Sally” which was playing on a loop in one room. Guests could wander in and watch it as they pleased. Then, in another room, was the same set, with the couch and wallpaper, the video Ipad and lights, ready for guests to make their own “How we Met” video! Check the video out here!
Intimate weddings are a favorite of mine and this one was perfect. Surrounded by the closest of close of friends and family, you can’t go wrong!2018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-94282018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-93622018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-95872018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-97922018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-98532018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-08202018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-00632018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-01142018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-00352018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-03592018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-96262018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-96812018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-95932018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-98382018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-99842018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-99872018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-98712018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-97112018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-98402018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-97352018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-96322018_4_21_Valerie&MichaelsWedding-9756

Catering by Love Catering  

Make & Hair by Stephanie Navarro 

Cupcakes by Sprinkles

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