Marshall Shakro | Manhattan Beach Shoot

Marshall came to me from my home state, CT. I met his aunt Jeana on a plane to Florida headed to see my parents. We chatted the whole time. Since then her nephew Marshal has come to LA get into the biz.
I think Marshall has a very amazing look. I mean, come on! As we were shooting he was reminding me of a slew of different actors, from Tom Cruise to Ben Stiller to Bradley Cooper. Marshall has the look that says you know him, and yet he is totally unique. That’s a very good combo in this town!
If you want to book Marshall for your next amazing project, I happen to know he would make a great warrior, you can reach him here.
Here is his Insta @marzann_

  1. Philip Shakro says:

    Thank you Kristin for taking the time and sharing your work covering Marshall. We very much appreciate your support and fine work. Excellent job. Best regards Marshall’s dad and mom. Phil and Mary. And aunt Jeana too

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