August 29, 2018

The Chudabala Family | El Segundo CA

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Natural light family portrait sessions, that are done at home are my favorite. I like to be a fly on the wall as much as I can in order to capture the “truth” of my families. Love the idea that one day, they will look back at these images and see little things about their lives that they may have forgotten. I like to shoot for beinga little in between photojournalistic and staged. Very real, with a tad bit of purposeful placement. A perfect family portrait!

When I arrived, both early an late, (time mix up!) I was greeted with smiles and questions about what they should do and how they should be.

“What would you normally be doing now?” I asked new parents, Christina & Eric. “Just do that!”

“We don’t have a routine yet.” they said through slightly bewildered smiles.

Such is the environment when a new baby comes in to your lives. In this case, to a couple who have been together a very long time, a couple who I am pretty sure had a routine before. There is an upheaval, of love, but still, all routines are lost in that magical baby time bubble.

Walking into that bubble with my camera is one of the best moments for me. Time slips away and this new little life takes over. So tiny and yet SO powerful. Magical. (Insert stars emoji)

As a mother myself, I know I want ALL the pictures! Even the pouting faces, the crying faces the slightly blurry faces, the tired faces. I want it all! It’s all so perfect. Memories of our lives. I had a hard time editing Chace’s shoot! He’s just so cute!

These images will stand as a reminder in the future of the love that is happening right now.

Bask in your beautiful family!







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