Manicurist in NYC ~ My Days in the High Fashion World

Do you have scrappy cuticles? Girl I FEEL you! I almost never do my nails these days, for a variety of reasons that I wont bore you with, but I remember my days as an on set manicurist fondly! It was a time when manicurists were just starting to be on set, so I think there were only a few of us!

One of my very first editorial jobs as a manicurist was for VOGUE with photograher Irving Penn and a number of supermodels at the time. I was a young NYC woman and was wearing some punk fashion of a very cool Vivianne Tam black paperlike skirt (SOOO cool) and some flat over the knee black mesh boots. Very 90’s Madonna punk looking.

THe shoot was with Irving Penn at his studio in NYC and of course the editor of VOGUE was there, yes you guessed it the incomperable Anna Wintour. Well I was busy giving a manicure as our model was also getting make up done, yes at the same time!¬† Ms. Wintour and Mr. Penn walked over to asses our progress…

“I don’t think that is an appropriate outfit for a minicurist.” said Anna.

“I like it.” said Mr Penn.

And that was it! I was booked for VOGUE a lot. I began doing other magazines and advertising, it was a fun time! I got to travel a lot to amazing places with the whole glam crew. I probably would be doing that still if I didn’t decide to go in another direction.

But I did! I went back to acting. It was a great choice at the time and within weeks I had booked a few nationals! I do still consider going bak to that from time to time. That was a lot of fun too! And of course, I ALWAYS had a prefect mani/pedi with Essie Mademoiselle. They ultimate clean look!

Now, I ususally have bare nails & use lots of hand lotion. I just have not made the time to go get my nails done, and as I am now behind the camera, it’s not really a priority. But I love all the cool nail art these days! Nails really are amazing art!

I’ve inspired myself, I’m gonna go do my mani /pedi! You should too! Just because we can!

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