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A little
more about me...


     I started out as a model & actress (and wanna be ballerina). I went on tons of auditions and I had to do my own make up. I was pretty obsessed with make up and I did my own so well that girls I met started to ask me to do theirs.

    Before I knew it I was a make up artist. At that time a make up artist needed to do hair too. So I learned on the job. And fast. I then took it a step farther and became an esthetician. Then I got an agent in NYC and began working on the most amazing fashion sets around the globe. I routinely worked with VOGUE, MADEMOISELLE, ALLURE, COSMO, W, ELLE and pretty much every other top magazine in that time.

    As I built my portfolio, I was always on the lookout to get the perfect "beauty" shot. Eventually I picked up the camera and began shooting for myself. For my first shoot, I did it all! I did the make up and hair, I styled it, set it up, directed and photogrpahed it. It still holds up all these years later. Shot on film in the 90's in NYC. I loved it, and I never looked back. 

"Inspiration will find you but it has to find you working. "

I love this quote, it inspires me to keep moving forward, Come what may. 

~Pablo Picasso

Photography evolved itself into my life.

Over the years I have done every job on set. It's a really great set of skills to have. 

     I have taken all of my knowledge and brought it forward to photography.
Here I am!


     I love nature. I love to just sit in the garden and listen to all the action. Birds chirping. Bugs digging. Breeze blowing. I like to sit quietly and just take it all in.
     The other day ("What does the "other day" even mean mom?! That could be any day! Which is true.) So... 2 days ago, as I write this,  I was sitting in the garden and a mocking bird came and landed on my knee! A wild bird just landed on me! We were both startled and the moment was fleeting but it DID happen! It was magical. 

     I love the ocean. Saltwater, glittering reflections of the sun, waves, colors, shells, whales & sand. I love it all, I can't get enough. 


It's amazing to me how quiet times can actually be so loud if you're listening! 

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

sugar cane field, Maui, HI

Lavender Pond farm Killingworth, CT

My BOY!! 

What makes me happy?

Things I love

My BOY!! 

What makes me happy?

Things I love

My BOY!! 

What makes me happy?

Things I love

Fast Facts

I change my hair often.  myself. with scissors. in my bathroom. late at night. don't judge!! 

I spend way too much time on the computer and not enough time in nature. some would disagree. 

i drink both coffee and tea daily. I love both!

I wanted to be a ballerina when i grew up.


Every day at 4:00 PST, I set my alarm (harps) to go off and I OM. No matter where I am. For at least 1 minute, sometime 20. Thats it!


I have had my meditation time almost everywhere I can think of from the beach to the grocery store and everything in between. The point is to DO IT! Because if you're like me, if you don't do it right then, it may not get done! Guilty! So let's OM together from around the globe. So cool.  

Life can be chaotic, haha! So I make a point to just close my eyes for small bits of time throughout the day and tune into the magic!