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This is me!


Throughout my life, I have been subjected to some extreme abuse. domestic in nature. 

guided by my own sheer will to learn and grow, I was able to let go, forgive, move on and begin to thrive.
If you, or someone you know, find yourself in a questionable situation, or feel you may benefit from some words of wisdom,

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There is always a way forward,
a way out or a way up!
Don't give up! You CAN be free!

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sugar cane field, Maui, HI

My fav pic of me. It makes me feel like a National Geographic Photographer! Dream job! I was standing up, out of the top of a jeep, at sunrise, with my mom, watching the morning mist in the middle of the sugar cane fields in Maui. 

Coming out so publicly about this abuse, opened a floodgate in me.
This was truly a pivotal moment in my healing.
I was schocked at the amount of women who began to open up, I couldnt believe that we ALL had a story and we had ALL been silent for so long.
It began the #metoo era of releasing and healing and I am proud to have been a part of that, no matter how scary and hard it was.


The Anderson Cooper Interview

The Washington Post Interview

Our work is not done. Now more than ever we need to open up about domestic violence and sexual abuse. It is our responsibility to future generations to handle this now and not pass it down. 
The work is internal and it starts with you!

If we are silent, none of us heal. 

Every day at 4:00 PST, I set my alarm (harps) to go off and I OM. No matter where I am. For at least 1 minute, sometimes 20 min. If you set YOUR alarm and do it too, we will connect on a different level.


There is a name for this ability. You get there by practicing being in the moment. It is called meditation.
I found it by accident. That's a story for another time!!
I meditate wherever I am if the urge calls me. From the beach to the grocery store and everything in between. The point is to DO IT, everyday at some point.

I make a point to close my eyes for small bits of time throughout the day and tune into the present moment. 

The ability to connect with my soul changed my life.