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This is Parker. She is a volleyball player. I met her a few years ago when we tested her for Next and shes growing up for sure! The logest legs Ive seen! And shes tall! Hence the volleyball. Parker is very professional. She takes direction beautifully and her smile lights up the sky! You’ll be […]

Hi friends! I want to give you this video message. I hope you listen to it, I hope you take it in and realize, you are beautiful right now. Whatever you look like, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you are alive on this planet right now! Choose to see the beauty in yourself, and […]

For Cathy & Joe’s one year anniversary we did something special. They got dressed up again and we did a photoshoot in their new home! These two are such a love inspiration, reminding me that its never too late to love and be loved! Enjoy your beautiful life you guys! Hugs and much, much love […]

Robin and Carlos have been together for years & finally decided to tie the knot here on the beach in Marina Del Rey. It was a perfect day for a wedding, all their closest friends gathered to witness their commitment to love. After lots of dancing, tacos, laughter and two heartfelt toasts, not only did […]

Do you have scrappy cuticles? Girl I FEEL you! I almost never do my nails these days, for a variety of reasons that I wont bore you with, but I remember my days as an on set manicurist fondly! It was a time when manicurists were just starting to be on set, so I think […]

To teach non violence, we need to approach it with love and compassion, NOT counter violence. Anyone acting out in anger and violence is hurt in some way. Be it recently or deep in the past. Sometimes it is in the ancestral past, long gone in physical form, but very present in energetic form. This […]

  This, our birth, is without a doubt the MOST magical experience of my life. Being able to touch the “other side”. To see it and remember it. I want to share this with you.    I never really gave the act of birth much thought, although I had seen it depicted as a painful, […]

Pierce and his dad at the beach in EL Segundo, just as the golden hour arrived! 🙂

Vanessa contacted me to do a shoot of just her daughter and her. She had spent the last year battling breast cancer and really wanted to document the love of mother and child. They had some fun ideas that they wanted to try at the beach, so off we went! You can feel the love, […]

This winter I was asked to do the Holiday  Mini Sessions for Happy Baby  yoga in El Segundo. You know I said YES! We did a wintery scene, but not too many props, and booked up fast. Here are a small few of my favorite shots from those super fun holiday sessions! There were so many […]