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Keri & Kevin are super adorbs, silly and lovie! I met them at their friends wedding last year and was so excited to get to be their photographer too! We stayed right in El Segundo for this shoot and went to both the beach and the Imperial Ave Greenbelt. Does that place have a name? […]

Speed, beauty and SASS! Can you see the energy here! Can you feel the love? This was one fun shoot! Hahahahahaha! You guys are adorable!

Jenny travelled all the way from Spain for this shoot! Ok, she was visiting her family here, but still! I met her a year before when I photographed her family for an article about a cutting edge exoskeleton that was helping her mom to walk! I was so thrilled to work with her again in […]

A day at the beach is the  perfect location for family photos. El Segundo Beach is the best. It has is all, and its never crowded! The light at the beach is so crisp! And the joy of family shines so bright! I love this shoot! 🙂  All done! Till next time! XOXO

The sun was just perfect and hit all the right spots this day. Creating perfect glowy light all over the place! Glowy light that was the perfect compliment to all the glowing with love faces of this family! I love this mural!

With a baby on the way, they wanted to celebrate the belly! So we headed down to El Segundo Beach and got to it!  Little Sam was having fun with the camera and little Zoe was full of grace! Mom and dad are clearly proud parents 🙂 Since I am behind on my blogging, this […]

The Narain family was simply filled with joy, love and beauty as they skipped through the El Segundo’s Library park for our shoot. The cuteness was overwhelming! Just look at those baby cheeks! Cuties! And of course mama got extra hugs 🙂

Spencer contacted me to photograph his engagement proposal to Rachel. I knew a perfect spot. I had been wanting to capture Malaga Cove by this beautiful fountain, Spencer agreed and the stars aligned for us all that day! As they walked into the scene, I hid in the pillars, feeling like I imagine a paparazzi […]

Meet the Bharel family! This beautiful family had all matching outfits! I have heart eyes for this print.  And to top it off, their smiles are infectious.  Try not to smile as you look at these, I dare you! There is so much joy and love.

This gorgeous family. They came with birthday cake pops. Enough said!!!