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She books commercials ALOT! I like to think its from my great shots, but really it’s cuz she’s fabulous. Or maybe both?

J.R. used to set the timers on heart implants, yeah, in the OR. He left that high stress job to pursue his love of acting. He’s doing pretty well, in one year he has been in 15 films. Not bad! He also just recently became a member of the improv group Groundlings. Bravo J.R.! We […]

This post is WAY overdue! Abigail is a model, actress and a singer! And boy can she sing! She was belting it out during our shoot together. Such a pleasure.

So much I love about this outtake of Rochelle Aytes. I have so many great new shots of her but you’ll have to wait for the reveal!

Life has been changing fast for me, time to blog has been slim! I’ve missed you.¬†So without delay….. One day I was at a hay maze in LA and saw this lovely little girl. She was amazing looking actually. I though to myself, “this is a future star”. I asked her mom if she would […]

Curtis is a super great drummer. He totally lights up when he starts playing. I never knew a drum set alone could sound so fun and inspiring. Watching Curtis play was fun. Watching all the people dance was fun. This was a fun night! What do you think of the images? Do you feel the […]

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Zee James for her interviews with Innovative Artists. In my opinion, she’s in. Actually she just won’t take no for an answer. Zee is a fighter in every sense of the word. Her mission is ACTION! She is warm and friendly, open, honest and a fierce lioness! Look […]