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I captured this in a “drive by” shooting. I love it. What do you think?

I came to take some pictures and hang out with horses who are free to roam around. If I could make a living selling horse photography I probably would do just that. But, I have always been slightly intimidated by fenced in horses. I used to take some beginning English riding lessons in Griffith Park […]

February 25, 2016 This month I am celebrating my life and embracing new challenges as I embark on turning my photography passion into a thriving business. I am an artist and have not been a business woman, but in the words of the professor in “Legally Blond” … “ Maybe you’re trying to become something […]

Lady. Love at first sight. My little shadow. Pierce’s dinnertime buddy. Play buddy. Sleep buddy. My forever friend. I miss you terribly. I hope you are with Jasmine in a field of flowers running. You were MY doggie. It was love at first sight. Pretty fluffy white girl with those ears! Sweet and loving. Snuggly bunny. […]