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With a little toddler running around, its always fun trying to catch moments of them looking into the lens. I just got myself a buddy to help out with that actually…. look here! As it turns out, I got a shot of everyone looking at the camera… even baby boy! Score! I mean really, how […]

I came across this picture on my hard drive today. I thought it was a fun one to share and may even  make a cute card. What do you think?

I started bringing Pierce to swim at Dolphin’s Gate when he was 2 months old. In two years we almost never missed a week. Today, we crossed a line, and came “into the blue” from “out of the blue”! Pierce took his first swim, holding his breath for a full 5 seconds underwater. I am […]

These are the boy of one of my oldest friends. We grew up down the street from each other. We caught tadpoles and put them in glass jars and watched them grow into frogs together. Thats serious bonding. Her boys were a challenge to focus on, they’re bouncing boys! I did manage to get a […]

One of the things I love most about photographing families, is that I get to be a member for a few hours. Being with this family is quite nearly the closest thing to being with my own family.  We went through birth class together. Our boys are just a few weeks apart. I love them, […]

It is so lovely to get to photograph beautiful families who clearly have a thread of love running through them. This family also has a lovely yard for the perfect backdrop!

I photographed the Holy Advent Church for Christmas and Fr. Larum was able to make holiday cards for the season. The proceeds of these cards go to the food pantry that is run from there. I hope you all can purchase some! Contact the Holy Advent Church in Clinton CT for information! 860 669 2232 […]

Arriving late, for a late appointment, in the afternoon, in the winter light. Lets just say this was a hurried shoot! But just look what we got 🙂

Relaxed. Fun. Free. This is a fun family. Non stop action and play. Hands down the most fun I’ve had shooting in awhile. There is nothing like jumping on the bed to get you laughing.  Their bed is like a huge cozy mattress filled room where they all sleep. Can you say “heaven”? There was […]