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Babies are only half way into this world. They are magical beings and they care not for the time of this world. Thats why it sometimes takes a minute before they will cooperate with and earthly schedule. Good for them. We all may do a bitter better in life if we adopt their way of […]

This is the lovely Nancy Cullen. Her name often brings people to ask her if she knows Edward and Bella. No, she is not a vampire. But she sure could pass for one given her other worldly beauty. These images of her were taken both in Connecticut and in Los Angeles. A special thank you […]

These are the boy of one of my oldest friends. We grew up down the street from each other. We caught tadpoles and put them in glass jars and watched them grow into frogs together. Thats serious bonding. Her boys were a challenge to focus on, they’re bouncing boys! I did manage to get a […]

It is so lovely to get to photograph beautiful families who clearly have a thread of love running through them. This family also has a lovely yard for the perfect backdrop!

These lovely people are my friends. I am so lucky to have them in my life. Jason is witty and quick and always up on the new cool happenings around town. Anna is smart and silly, engaging and endearing. Tyler is the cutest thing ever. Best looking pout! Thank you for trusting me to photograph […]

I was so excited to photograph ballerina Emily Benzi, who was on her way to Boston Ballet School for 5 weeks of summer training. I was in CT for a visit with family, and we had just enough time to fit in this shoot before we both were on our merry ways! These first images […]